Friday, January 2, 2009

Port Clinton, Ohio

Walleye Fests

Port Clinton is "The Walleye Capital of the World."
And 14 years ago, to honor their scaly mascot, this Lake Erie resort community began dropping a 20-foot, 600-pound Walleye on New Year's Eve. "The idea arose just where most great ideas are generated ... in a bar!" says Mike Snider, Walleye Madness at Midnight Committee Chairman. "We're on our second fish (named Wylie Walleye); the first fish was paper Mache and went to 'the great lake in the sky' after the second drop." This year's festivities include a rock-paper-scissors challenge, fireworks at midnight and a band boasting a walleye-shaped guitar.
May kids had a great time playing on the playground equipment!
Port Clinton brings in Jan. 1 with a plummeting walleye.

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