Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are your Indoor Telescopic Bleachers Sagging?

Are your indoor telescopic bleachers sagging and giving you difficulty operating open or closed?

The number one problem with bleacher operation is sagging! This is caused by students climbing on them in the closed or partially open position. Over time this fatigues the understructure. Only the first and last rows have proper support. The rows in between are supported only from the back frame with no adequate support in the front. We at Snider and Associates have a solution to this problem and would like to visit your facility to review your bleacher system.


  1. Prevents sagging and bent frames

  2. Straightens seatboards

  3. Eases in and out of bleachers

  4. Prevents breaking of seat & riser boards

  5. Used on non-supported rows (row 2 to second of last)

  6. Provides support at all times

  7. Allows system to be used in partially open position

Call us 800-888-2889 or visit us at www.cvsnider.com.


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