Friday, March 5, 2010

Play On! is a standards-based physical fitness program

Play On! is a standards-based physical fitness program that was created in
partnership with the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation
(AAPAR). Play On! promotes physical fitness through the use of playground
and fun creative learning activities. This program fully aligns with the
national physical education standards promoted by the National Association for Sport
and Physical Education (NASPE) and can help promote moderate to vigorous levels
of physical activity to combat childhood obesity. It is successfully being implemented
in schools and parks and recreation programs across the nation during physical
education, recess, after-school programs, camps, and as ‘mini-energizers’ to help
meet required number of minutes of playground physical activity. Offering many developmental
benefits, playgrounds are the perfect place to keep kids moving, socializing, and
learning. This one-of-a-kind program adds value to your investment by providing unique activities and
playground designs based around six key elements of play to increase overall fitness!

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