Friday, December 11, 2009

Rules & Recommendations for Basketball Equipment

Safety Arrester - As stated in Rule 1, Section 11, Paragraph 2 of the Men's and Women's Basketball Rules and Interpretations, "It is recommended that a locking device/safety arrester be used for ceiling and wall-mount backboard systems that are retracted by motor-pulley cable arrangements."

What are the benefits? - The auto-loc safety system puts safety belts on your backstops protecting against loss or damage of equipment and injury to spectators. A simple and effective way to insure safety in your facility.

Rim Restrainers - "The basket must be securely attached to the backboard support system with a rim-restraining device. Such device will ensure that the basket stays attached, even in the event that the glass backboard breaks." Men's and Women's College and High School Rules.

Check for these problems and needs:


Backboards - Bottome Edge and Corners

  • Padded backboards: satisfactory or replacements necessary

Backboards - Ceiling Suspension

  • Cable stress
  • Metal stress
  • Ceiling attachments check for loose or broken bolts
  • Motor running smoothly
  • Auto-loc safety straps present
  • Condition of all hinges
  • Pipe caps at the bottom of ceiling suspended backstops should be padded

Wall Suspended Units

  • Auto-loc safety straps present
  • Turnbuckles tight
  • Bracing rigid
  • Wall backs secured
  • Wall padding on all impact areas
  • Chain operated winches should be replaced with cable winches
  • All hardware tight

Call you local Snider & Associates representive for any questions.


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