Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Urban Play

Five Best Practice Themes for Urban Play

1. Design for Compelling Play Environments:
Communities should design play environments that are compelling and meet the unique needs of diverse urban users. Engaging a variety of stakeholders, through participatory design, is critical for ensuring best practices for multigenerational inclusion, integration of natural elements, increased physical activity, safety, and equitable access to the space.

2. Create Playgrounds as Crime Prevention Programs:
Communities should view commercial playground equipment as crime prevention assets by considering visibility in the design, establishing proactive partnerships with local law enforcement and neighborhood groups, and by keeping the playspace active and well maintained.

3. Offer Programs on the Urban Playground:
Public park playground equipment environments and outdoor fitness equipment should market free play and supervised play programs that promote high levels of physical activity and learning while maximizing joint use opportunities, providing playleaders for supervision and play facilitation, and utilizing mobile play programs for additional reach and interest.

4. Execute Partnerships for Play:
Partnerships should be established to strengthen the variety and reach of play opportunities for a broader reach of play resources, facilities, and programs while also increasing usership and ensuring sustainability over time. Public, private, and non-profit partnerships should be considered for play funding, programming, and community development.

5. Develop an Urban Playground Master Plan:
A comprehensive and collaborative master plan should be developed for play and playgrounds that includes a current asset management plan; provides guidance for the overall goals, objectives and strategies for strengthening play; specifies funding cycles; monitors implementation; and ensures continuous improvement.

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